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Precast Concrete Walls VS. Laid Brick Walls

Brick is a common choice for outdoor walls. It’s aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and easy to work with.  Precast concrete walls are, by far, the better solution.

Permacast Walls has a precast brick wall option that takes the appearance and positive qualities of brick and improves upon this building classic.

There are several differences between traditional brick wall and precast brick fencing.

Why Are Precast Concrete Walls Superior to Traditional Brick?

Traditional Brick Walls

  • Traditional brick was made from clay, and has developed over time until we had the brick of today.
  • While a somewhat sturdy medium if pushed upon, a brick fence has tendency toward crumbling, making it limited in strength.
  • A hand laid brick wall consists of multiple individual bricks, requires a lengthy installation process of hard labor.
  • Brick can become very expensive in terms of material.
  • Brick can also be subject to damage from moisture, making it an inferior option for retaining walls or moist climates.

Permacast Concrete Walls

  • Precast Concrete fences are heavy and durable.
  • They are resistant to mold, fire, rot, and termites, among other natural hazards.
  • They are sustainable over long periods of time without maintenance.
  • They are an energy efficient option when used structurally.
  • Precast Brick wall is cost effective because it requires little to no maintenance over time.
  • It is also cost effective because of the speedy setup process.

While Permacast Walls will sell the wall itself, we prefer to have our expert installers take care of the installation for you. This is to ensure that it is done correctly and that you get the most from your product.

That being said, the installation process is incredibly simple compared to an authentic brick wall, keeping your labor costs at a minimum.

Our experts can generally get started on your project within six to eight weeks, and can install up to 1,000 linear feet per week.

When installing your Precast Brick fence we will need to know the city requirements for building in your area.  After that information is found out, we will begin installing the fence.

While we sometimes need to use a crane to unload the walls, there is no crane needed for installation of the fence.

Permacast Brick fencing is superior to vinyl, wood, or traditional brick fencing for multiple reasons. It is durable and weather resistant, and is made from 5,000 psi concrete which is reinforced with structural fiber.

The fiber reinforces the concrete to control cracking and crumbling long term. The FORTA fibers used in Permacast Walls was developed specifically for concrete reinforcement.

While the traditional brick fence is a popular choice and has an elegant appearance, crumbling and long term damage can make it an expensive and impractical choice. The initial labor alone can create timing issues and is a long, expensive process.

Precast concrete walls and fencing offers the same visual benefits, while allowing for easy and less expensive installation. The long term durability will benefit you for years to come, and save you labor, repairs and replacements.

For more information about Permabrick fencing, contact Permacast Walls.