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Places That Trust Precast Concrete Walls

Companies with a great reputation need quality suppliers to offer the products that will maintain that reputation.  Precast concrete walls have many commercial clients, and our products offer many things of value to our clients.  That’s why these places trust Permacast and other suppliers of precast concrete walls for their needs.

Precast Concrete Walls are Trusted by These Companies

Neal Communities

Neal Communities is a trusted contractor of beautiful homes.  With an excellent design team and superior product quality, they create communities that stand distinctively above others in their field.  They concentrate of building homes of quality and innovation, while still keeping them affordable.  They handle every part of the house hunting process, from design to completion of the sale.  These homes have been rated highly by consumers and reviewers, and Permacast is proud that they have trusted our product to keep their communities safe.  

One aspect that sets them apart is their environmental commitment.  They build environmentally sound homes, and even integrate their designs with the surrounding environment.  Since Permacast walls are environmentally friendly, we are happy to help achieve this level of dedication to being environmentally responsible.  

John Cannon Homes

John Cannon Homes is a company founded in 1987 by John Cannon.  Since it’s founding, the company has become the premier designer and builder of luxury custom homes in Sarasota, Florida.  They have an excellent reputation for upscale design and have built homes in high end communities all over the area.  They trust Permacast to provide a product that has longevity and durability.  They use Permacast products, and we are able to offer finishes for our walls and fencing that complement the detailed aesthetic and design of their work.

Metcalf Transmission Substation

In 2013, a group of gunmen opened fire on the Metcalf Transmission Substation.  After that, the FERC raised physical security standards, which eventually led to the replacement of chain link fencing with precast concrete walls.  Since then, precast concrete has become the material of choice for many high security and national security locations.  Precast concrete walls are the ideal choice because they create a solid barrier that is practically insurmountable.  They are also exceptionally strong, and able to withstand extreme weather and damaging conditions.

Precast concrete is a premier choice, and Permacast is a brand you can trust.  Whether you are a property owner, home designer, builder, or commercial property manager, we have solutions that will help you take your property to the next level of safety and design.  Let us know what your next project is, and see how Permacast can help.


John Cannon Homes