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Precast Concrete Walls Reduce Noise Pollution

At Permacast, we care about your comfort as well as your safety.  Precast concrete walls around your home is just one way to reduce noise pollution.  Precast Concrete Walls

Aside from being a nuisance, noise pollution has been known to be a major health hazard.  Long-term, it can cause hearing impairment and hypertension.  

Short term, it can cause sleep disturbance that seriously affects your health and performance.  There are many ways that you can reduce noise pollution in your home, and avoid these negative side effects.  

Precast Concrete Walls & Other Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution

One great way to reduce noise pollution in your home is to turn off your electronics when they are not in use.  

Your electronics can give off a high pitched sound when they are turned on, causing your body to react as if it were noisy.  Over time, this can cause stress for your ears that you may not have noticed was occurring at the time.

Invest in rugs for your hardwood floors.  Even though full carpeting will reduce the noise pollution the most, throw rugs and area rugs will allow you to keep your hardwood flooring while still reducing the excess noise.  

Another tip in the home is to close the door when using noisy appliances, such as dishwashers, dryers, or washers.

Windows are one of the weakest areas in the home for noise pollution.  The outside noise can be overbearing if you do not have the right precautions in order for your windows.  

Make sure your windows are up to date, seal them regularly, and hang curtains when you can.  Double paned windows are recommended for homes that are in areas with a large amount of noise pollution.

For outside your home, planting trees has been known to reduce noise pollution.  If you can landscape your property with rows of trees and shrubs, this will go a long way to helping you have a nice, quiet home.

Though drastic, moving to a location where they are conscious of noise pollution can help a great deal, and keep you from having problems later on.  

If you are looking at a home, consider the regulations on noise pollutions in that area before you buy.  If you live in a populated area, a gated community may be the best choice for you to monitor the noise that you have to endure.  

Many gated communities use solid fencing, such as our Permacast walls, which help reduce noise pollution significantly.

Permacast precast concrete walls are specifically designed to significantly reduce noise pollution. They are a top choice for gated communities, home complexes, and commercial spaces, where those in an office could be exposed to noise pollution for hours every day.  

Installing Permacast walls will keep unwanted noises and disturbances away from your property.  This is especially important if you are living in a populated area, or on a major route.  

To find out more about Permacast fencing and how it can help you reduce noise pollution on your property, contact a representative from Permacast.