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precast concrete stacked stone

Designing PermaStone: Precast Stacked Stone Texture

Permacast has recently introduced a new precast stacked stone texture, PermaStone. The PermaStone master mold was designed and made from hundreds of hand chosen stones to create this beautiful texture. 

Creating the Mold for Precast Stacked Stone Texture

The PermaStone precast stacked stone texture is created from a multi-faceted design process. First, from a selection of many styles, each stone is carefully chosen. Careful consideration is taken into account onto the size of each stone, looking for a well-rounded average size.  The goal was to create a concrete wall with a stone appearance that was pleasant to the eye.  If the stones are too small, they do not stand out and when viewing the wall from a distance, it is difficult to see the beautiful detail of the stone.  If the stones are too large then there are too few stones per wall and the person viewing repeats will be easily noticed.  Thousands of real stones were picked through to find the perfect cohesion of large, medium, and small stones.  The PermaStone precast stacked stone panels each look unique. It is hard to notice any repetitive patterns in the wall.  There are no stones that stand out to the eye, no perfect square stones, no long rectangle stones, just a nice average mix of stones.  When the stones were placed in the master mold a lot of care was taken to make sure that nothing stuck out to the common eye at a glance.  

PermaStone Precast Stacked Stone Coating Process

When paint is applied to the precast stacked stone texture, it is normally sprayed.  After an initial base color coating is applied, there are a few ways to apply highlights to achieve different looks.  One is what some call a rub.  A rub paint job highlights different colors over the base by rubbing certain stones with a rag or sponge.  This will help achieve the illusion and depth of real stone.  Another technique utilized by painters is choosing certain stones and quickly applying a different paint color to those chosen stones.  Most painters will choose a number of stones to coat on each wall panel. They will then coat that number or stones with a 2nd color. When the wall is completed, it looks like a beautiful hand-laid stacked stone wall but has far superior strength,  durability,  while costing much less.