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Precast Walls & Fences For Gated Communities

Precast WallsAt Permacast, we work with many gated communities throughout the state to provide quality precast walls and concrete fencing.  

In Florida, gated communities are a popular choice for permanent and seasonal residents.  

There are many reasons that gated communities opt to use concrete fencing for their properties.

Benefits of Precast Walls & Fencing

Gated communities pride themselves on offering privacy for their inhabitants.  Since our solid concrete walls come in six foot and eight foot options, they are able to offer excellent privacy for gated communities.  

You don’t need to worry about your family being watched from the road, or that people will loiter near your property. You can trust that your neighborhood is consisted of only those within your community.

Concrete walls also offer a level of sound isolation which helps to keep the outside noise pollution out of the walls, and the noises within the community inside.  

Noise pollution is a common complaint among homeowners, and if you live in a gated community, sometimes the convenience of being in a desirable area comes with noises of traffic, tourism, or other undesirable noise.  

Permacast walls help cancel out the sounds and protect the residents within your community from excessive noise pollution.

People also appreciate the pristine lifestyle within a gated community, provided by their concrete walls.  Walling in your gated community prevents passersby from littering onto your property, and keeps trash from accumulating.  

Many gated communities employ staff to keep the grounds neat and maintained, thus creating a safe home and grounds for families with young children and pets.  

Since Permacast fencing is solid, and comes in significant heights, there is little chance of an errant piece of trash being thrown onto your lawn.

One of the most important offers of a gated community is the security it can offer.  Having a high fence around the community discourages criminal activity and keeps the residents inside safe.  

Most concrete fences have a gate at the opening which remains locked and can only be accessed by a security pass, code, or in some cases security staff member.

All of these objectives could possibly be achieved by a brick or stone wall.  So why do most gated communities opt for concrete?  

Concrete hardens over time and becomes even stronger as time goes on.  Our Permacast walls can withstand multiple climates and extreme weather, including sun and intense moisture, or high winds.  

They are also reinforced with a strong fiber, so they do not deteriorate like the alternative options out there.  

Because of this they rarely need maintenance or replacement, meaning that your gated community is able to keep its residents safe for a long time.  

Also, since it comes in multiple finishes, Permacast fencing looks great in any location, for any community.

Precast walls and fencing are the premier choice for gated communities.  Giving you quality fencing that will endure and keep your residents safe, healthy and happy is a top priority for our company.  

To inquire more about Permacast fencing, contact us directly, and we will assess your property to give you an accurate quote.