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Get All Settled In With These Tips For Getting Adjusted To Your Gated Community

When you move into a gated community, you’re making an exciting investment in a secure community with brand new neighbors. Getting settled into any neighborhood can be a challenge, but a gated community comes with its own set of rules and standards behind those prefab concrete fence panels.  If you don’t know how to navigate, it can be an extra challenge to assimilate.  Here are some basic tips for getting settled into your community.

Get All Settled In With These Tips For Getting Adjusted To Your Gated Community

Get Familiar with The Security System

One of the primary benefits of living in a gated community is the security it provides.  Knowing where you’re protected and how to access the property is one of the first things you should find out.  Make sure you know the access code, if there is one.  Find out where the security cameras are located, and where there is lighter security, so that you know which areas you will feel safe in if you go for a nightly stroll.  Understand the policy on guests and releasing any required information to enter the community and get past the prefab concrete fence panels, so that you do not endanger the safety of your neighbors or violate the community rules.

Take a Tour

See if there is a guided tour for new homeowners within the community.  You want to know where things are located so that you can easily navigate your way throughout the community.  Get to know the benefits offered to you- you may find there are even more than you thought!  Be sure to check the community board for fun activities that will help you get to know your neighbors.  

Learn the Realities of Your Community

Be an involved buyer.  Ask what the community has on reserve in their account so that you know they are covered in case of an incident.  Find out what the general turnaround time is if something stops working correctly.  For example, if something goes wrong with the pool, how long does it generally take them to take care of it?  This is important information to have when you are living somewhere.  You can then determine your response and timing.  For example, going without a pool for two days is different than the gate being broken for a week.  With the pool, you may just reschedule your leisure time or rearrange guest visits.  If the gate is broken, you want to lock your doors and secure your property.  You may even find that you need to get more members of the community together to organize a temporary neighborhood watch, or to insist that the gate be fixed sooner.  It all depends on the details of your specific community.

Following through on these tips will help you to get acquainted with and settled into your gated community in an organized way.