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Exterior Trends for Office Buildings

When you own commercial space, you want to showcase your business to the best of your ability.  Whether you are looking for the perfect tenants to fill the space or you have your own corporate offices, image is important.  In order to make your property appealing and modernized, you need to stay up to date on the latest exterior design trends.

Preformed Concrete Walls and Other Commercial Exterior Trends

Using the Outdoors

Perhaps one of the most recent office building trend is to utilize the outdoors.  Use your natural landscaping to enhance the design of your building.  Create an outdoor oasis, and people will be sure to be impressed.  

Design isn’t the only way to utilize your landscaping.  Many offices are now creating built in workspaces outdoors, so that people can take their work outside.  This trend is increasingly popular to the point of becoming the norm in more advanced and modern offices.


The days of gray and boring office buildings are in the past.  Bright color palettes and interesting patterns have become the latest trend for commercial property.  Southwest themes, rustic colors, aquatic colors, and renaissance colors such as deep blues and golds are the most common emerging trends.  


To enhance your bold color scheme, you need the right fencing for your property.  Our stone finish and Permacast stucco finish has been exceedingly popular and complements a number of design aesthetics.  Since the stucco can be custom painted, the options for your preformed concrete walls are unlimited.


Landscaping has become increasingly important.  Plants that are multi-season will give you a year round visual for visitors, but many commercial offices are adding exotics to the mix to level up the aesthetic. Landscaping entails more than just bushes and flowers.  Make sure that the property is properly structured to prevent flooding of any kind, sinkholes, and soil erosion.  Permacast can provide retaining walls that will allow you to protect your property while still maintaining your visual goals.  

When you need to work on your outdoor aesthetic, Permacast Walls can help.  Our products offer security and a barrier from the outside world.  Once installed, Permacast preformed concrete walls can easily last a hundred years, regardless of weather conditions.  A Permacast fence or retaining wall not only looks beautiful, it adds value and protection to your property.  To get started, contact us today and let us know your needs.


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