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Permacast precast concrete fence

Pretty, Pretty Precast

We’ve talked a lot about the practical, economic and environmental advantages of using precast concrete walls in your commercial and residential projects. But what we haven’t mentioned? Just how pretty those walls can be.

Yes, we love Permacast for all of its¬†aforementioned benefits, but we designed it to be good-looking, too. We wanted our products to appeal to HOAs and others looking for extremely secure fencing that won’t detract from the landscape. In fact, we created our walls so that they could suit a variety of cosmetic scenarios, everything from blending into an environment to complementing an existing palette.

Because Permacast’s products come in a rainbow of textures, offering everything from a seamless concrete look to a stately stone or brick one, there’s a lot of room for customization. Our walls were also designed to be installed in such a way that they can preserve the existing landscape rather than disrupt it.

All of the sand textured walls are painted using a a concrete-safe product. For the stone texture, we offer integral-colored concrete or paint. This flexibility in terms of visual appeal is great for new projects or established sites. In the latter case, we can match the look and feel of your community or space, and in the former, we can help create it. We’re aware that many of our clients come to Permacast because they are looking for a wall that is a bit of a showpiece; these customers are interested in a wall that generates interest and sets the tone for the community it encloses. Other clients want their wall to melt seamlessly into the environment, suggesting that it is protected and secure in an understated way.

The beauty of Permacast precast concrete walls and fences is that we can achieve a variety of looks and work diligently with each project team to fully realize their vision. Because the creation of our products is a process we manage in the facility, we have a lot of control over how perfectly they turn out. Our goal? An Instagram-worthy wall.