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Does Your Property Need a Floodwall?

Floodwalls are an important consideration when it comes to designing and erecting new housing or commercial developments. Not only are floodwalls a smart decision where extreme weather can occur, but they also can be a smart investment by protecting the homes, businesses, and other structures within their perimeters. The experts at Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls have compiled several important factors to consider before investing in a floodwall for your next project. 

Do You Experience Extreme Weather in Your Area?

Extreme weather like heavy rains, tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can all lead to flooding in surrounding areas. The destruction caused by flooding can be devastating, simply put. While levees are a good option, they are typically made of soil, which means they can erode and wash away if currents are strong enough. Having a man-made floodwall surrounding a housing community, business park or other significantly populated area ensures the safety and preservation of everything within the floodwalls circumference. No one can stop floodwaters from rising. But you can be prepared and protect everything valuable from the damage flooding can cause. 

Where Will You Find Floodwalls?

Typically, floodwalls can be found in larger cities, since the development and population make it a sound investment. Floodwalls also become more of a necessity in areas where the damage and loss of property could be debilitating to the entire area. If your development projects bring you to major coastal cities, urban areas subjected to hurricanes or other rainy weather, or are near known flood zones, consider installing a precast concrete floodwall surrounding your property to protect the entire community. 

What is the Cost of Floodwalls?

While floodwalls, which also include floodgates for passage whenever flooding is not happening (and are then closed during flooding), can be costly to install, Permacast Precast Concrete floodwalls are a sound investment. These walls will not only protect the area they surround, potentially saving lives and valuable property, they are also durable and lasting. These walls will continue to do their job for years, making the cost a reasonable investment. They also are a great alternative to levees or dikes because they maintain the integrity of the city as well as the aesthetic component of any buildings, facades, or historical structures nearby. For all of these reasons, the cost of a precast concrete floodwall is justified by the property and people it protects.

What Considerations Should Be Made Before Choosing a Floodwall?

Some cities have zoning restrictions that may not allow the type of floodwall you hope to construct, so it’s wise to check with your zoning codes before installing a floodwall. Be sure to check for surrounding drainage outlets before construction to avoid blocking drains and causing flooding to neighboring properties. Some floodwalls can overturn and fail if floodwaters rise higher than expected. Permacast Walls can be customized to suit the height needed for your particular project, preventing this sort of catastrophe. 

If you build in an area prone to flooding, rest assured that Permacast Precast Concrete Fences & Walls are the best solution for your project. Protect your investment, secure your property, and give your community the peace of mind to know that when the floodwaters rise, our walls will stand strong and remain reliable through the storm.