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Protecting the Entrance of Your Gated Community

When you are responsible for the safety of your community, it is a big responsibility.  Owners or managers of gated communities have an obligation to take measures to protect their residents.  One of the main ways to do this is to secure the entrance to the community.

Protect Your Gated Community with a Concrete Privacy Fence and These Security Tips

People choose to live in a gated community partly because it offers an extra level of security.  There are many ways to protect the entrance of your gated community.  

The first order of business is having an entry system.  Most gated communities have a telephone-style entry barrier that will open the gate if the proper information is entered by the resident.  Having a state of the art and well respected system to operate the gate is essential to security.  

Choosing a Secure Gate Operation System

When choosing a system for gate operation, you should look at the companies who already have a great reputation.  You may choose to upgrade or try a newer system when you learn more, but usually the companies with the references will have the latest and greatest in technology.  Check references before settling on a system.  You should absolutely choose a company that offers professional installation.  Although there may be many individuals who could handle the installation, someone with experience will be able to easily foresee any potential hiccups and prevent them from happening, ensuring the safety of your community.

In addition to a great system, you need a physically solid barrier.  Most gated communities opt for a metal, iron or very solid wooden gate.  They typically use double doors, which open when the code is entered.  You want to make sure that the gate itself is high, and unable to be easily climbed or scaled.  You also want to look at the distance between the bars if choosing metal.  They should be relatively close together, and a person should not be able to slip through them. Only choose the strongest metals for a gated community.

Your fence will also have a great impact.  Choosing a fence for your gated community is an important aspect of security.  Concrete privacy fences are a great choice for a gated community because they are solid and durable.  The height of the fence should be considerable, at least six to eight feet.  The average person should not be able to jump or see over the concrete privacy fence for your gated community.
If you still feel that your community needs higher security, a security booth near or at the entrance of your gated community is a great way to ensure safety.  Use a security company or your own staff on a regular basis so that they get to know the property and the residents.  Although you should still have the gate system as an added precaution, a professionally trained security guard can vastly improve the safety conditions of your community.