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Put Pre-Cast Concrete To The Test

Precast concrete is an innovative way to ensure reliability, durability, and affordability when constructing a new wall or building. But wood framing, steel framing, and site cast concrete have withstood the test of time. So how does precast concrete really compare to other types or methods of construction? Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing and Walls will break it down for you.

Here are some of the many benefits of precast concrete versus:

Wood Framing

Wood framing and accents bring several benefits to the table. Among them, low initial building costs, natural beauty and eco-friendly material. However, wood is far more likely to burn, rot or attract pests like termites than concrete is, making it less reliable in the long run. Precast concrete also offers thermal protection that can save owners thousands in heating and cooling costs over time. For long-term savings, precast concrete holds a clear advantage.

How Precast Concrete Walls Are Made

Steel Framing

The use of steel can also be initially low-cost, as well as eco-friendly. Modern steel design allows for off-site construction, much like precast concrete. Precast concrete, however, not only matches steel’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness, its insulation and long-term durability far outweigh that of steel. Also, because other materials may be included in the precast concrete mixture, aestheticism and strength can be adjusted, giving precast concrete much more versatility than steel.

Site Cast Concrete

While site cast concrete can be customized since it is not even poured until it’s at the construction site, there is a seemingly attractive draw to its use. However, weather constraints, prep work like excavation, and durability come into question. So many of these variables are removed with precast concrete, making it an obvious choice. Quality control and durability are guaranteed due to the controlled environment in which precast concrete is created. This system also allows for more efficient use of resources, cutting costs significantly.

Precast Wall Installation

As you prepare your next building project, take time to understand the significant benefits and savings precast concrete has to offer. The designers at Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing and Walls will be happy to talk with you further about our many products and their specific advantages over other building materials.