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Recommended Remodels for Commercial Properties

Tenants of commercial properties need to feel a certain way about the property before they lease.  If you’re having trouble filling up your commercial properties with long-term tenants, or if you recently purchased a property, here are a few remodels that may take you to the next level.

What Tenants Look For In a Commercial Property



Security systems are a great addition to your commercial property.  Hire a security team, install security lights, or add cameras to the property.  Secure perimeter fencing is also a great investment.  It provides your tenants with security and protects your property from Intruders.  It can also reduce noise pollution, therefore enhancing the work environment and making the building a more desirable place to live.

Physical Appearance

Although your building may be clean and freshly painted, there may be nothing to create personality.  Although adding unique attributes could cause you to take longer to find tenants, it will also set you apart so you are attracting the right people. Try adding some art or professional landscaping outside, and use the buildings natural attributes to highlight the appeal of the interior.

Welcoming Atmosphere


People are no longer looking for a building that is uniform.  Office trends have morphed to make the work environment a comfortable one, so ditch the cubicles and opt for an open, modern design.



Adding a lobby to your building will let tenants know right off the bat that this is a place you can welcome your clients.  Clear a space by the front entrance to create a comfortable and inviting lobby that will both impress and welcome your tenants and their clients to the building.

Emergency Features

A big part of making your tenants feel secure is making sure they are safe in case of an emergency.  Make sure you have an emergency sprinkler system in case of a fire, emergency lights in case of a power outage, and a generator if you can add one.  Even think about providing a backup system for your tenants’ computer files to be extra accommodating.


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