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Best Landscaping Blogs

At Permacast, landscaping is a big part of our business. We love making quality fencing and retaining wall products that are beautiful and serve your needs.  Part of this is being up to date with current landscaping styles and methods. Here are some of the best landscaping blogs out there today.

Retaining Wall Products Company Recommends These Landscaping Blogs

Lifestyle Home

This website has everything! There are tips from professional landscapers and designers, DIY projects, gardening guides, and seasonal planting guides. Whether you are an amateur landscaper just looking to improve your own property, or a professional looking for ideas, this blog is a great source of inspiration.

Dirt Simple

Dirt simple is a blog created by Deborah Silver, a designer in Michigan. On her blog, she shares her designs with her audience and gives incredible inspiration for long-term and seasonal landscaping.

A Way to Garden

Looking for a little less inspiration and a little more education? This blog is one of the best educational blogs in our roster. If you are interested in gardening, this is the blog for you. It gives you a great resource for how-to articles, frequently asked questions, and plant identification and care.  The blogger is Margaret Road, a former Garden editor for Martha Stewart Living.

Design Hunter

If Landscaping is your goal because design is your passion, this blog is for you.  This blog will give you incredible ideas for designing interior and exterior areas.

Michael Cooke

Think big with this blog! As a landscaping design blog you will see landscaping design ideas from Architects all over the world. This is an incredible blog for inspiration, and you can even contact an architect or get a quote from a Sculptor straight from the blog.

High Grove Blog

This commercial landscaping blog, based out of Atlanta, will give you great ideas for your commercial building.  From energy and money-saving tactics to creating outdoor spaces and improve the landscaping design.  This is the blog to follow if you own a commercial building.

Neave Landscaping

This blog focuses on outdoor solutions, highlighting the services that the company provides.  It’s very well known for having great plant advice for those looking to landscape their property.  It also covers carpentry and other outdoor projects.
Landscaping is an important aspect of your building’s exterior.  It can change the way people view your property.  With the right retaining wall products, florals, and a professional eye, you can make a big difference.  We can’t wait to see how these blogs have inspired your property!


High Grove Blog