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The Scoop On Precast Concrete, Part 2

Once your precast wall is ready to leave our able hands, it’s delivered by truck to your site. Setting the installation date is a lot easier—and closer on the calendar—than you might think, typically six to eight weeks out.

You’re not required to use our team for installation, but you should. Because of their training and experience, our professional installers know exactly how to set up our precast concrete walls and fences to exacting standards, ensuring the highest quality installation. Before we arrive on site, we will have already considered everything related to being there and installation: gate or opening locations, property lines, security areas, common areas, lighting features and anything else that would influence the precise placement of a wall. Precision, as you can imagine, is key, so we spend a lot of time as the walls are being precast carefully marking out their placement on site.

Once we arrive on site, the process is straightforward:

Step One: We find the footings—which have already been set—and the holes that have been laid out, set to grade and filled with concrete.

Step Two: We put up the structure, one piece at a time, straight from the delivery truck.

Step Three: After one wall goes up, it is braced by steel supports, and so on. Once every wall is aligned (there’s no margin for error, which is why we use a level) with the previous panel end, we remove the rigging and move to the next. Structural support is everything at this stage.

When we say that precast concrete walls are efficient, durable and economical, we mean it. A streamlined, efficient process that starts from the moment the building permit is received is just what we do. If the whole process seems like the essence of simplicity to you, good. We’ve got this down to an elegant science.