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Secure Your Community With Precast Concrete Walls

Security has become a hot topic of conversation in many circles lately. With more random mass shootings on the rise, especially in schools, citizens are calling for increased security. We know Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls has a reputation for protecting our homes with their durable concrete fences and walls. But we don’t just stay home, do we?

We go into the community, send our children to school, go to work, church, baseball games, and shopping malls. My own children go to the same schools I attended. Back in the day, anyone could walk up to our campuses from the surrounding neighborhoods or even the woods behind the school. Now, schools are surrounded by some sort of fencing with one point of entry so all visitors must show I.D. In many cases, however, this fencing is the simple wood or chain-link variety, typically eight feet tall, and easily scaled. 

Permacast concrete fence vs wood fence

As a parent and former teacher, I understand the need but have never really seen much of an option for more secure perimeters- until hearing about Permacast. An 8-16 foot tall, solid concrete fence or wall would be a vast improvement to the school’s security. The idea that this could be constructed to withstand gunfire, as well as hurricane-force winds (in Florida, this is a must!) and other threats to our children’s safety, seems too good to be true. But technology has caught up with some of the current issues we face, and that possibility is a reality. Will a company known for building great HOA designs and constructing border walls for gated communities be interested in helping make schools and other public facilities safer? 

Permacast precast concrete fence

Yes! Permacast is an industry leader in partnering with homeland security to defend and protect developing communities, businesses, energy transmitters,  hospitals, utility stations, churches, mobile home parks, and yes, even schools. Working with such a reputable company as Permacast will give school districts everywhere credibility as schools take measures to increase security and further protect students from intruders or other threats to their safety. Permacast is excited to lead the way in creating a safer world for us to live in. 

Precast concrete retaining wall by Permacast - precast concrete fencing

Talk to us today about the many possibilities available when you choose to work with Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls. Visit our Lunch & Learn to find out more about our products, their durability, and our commitment to providing a safer, more secure community. We’re here to take defense and security to the next level, and we’re ready to get to work.