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A Secure Way to Protect Your Community

In this day and age, having a solid perimeter around your community is important. Concrete fences and walls keep us safe, protect our property from severe weather and other hazards, and create privacy and peace that residents long for. However, sometimes a fence- even a concrete fence or wall- is not enough protection for the critical equipment within. That’s where ballistic-resistant walls become necessary. Power substations, utility squadrons and other installations designed to keep a city or community running must be protected from crashes, bullets and explosions wherever possible. To answer this need, specifically in Tulsa and throughout Texas, Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls has a specific line of quality precast ballistic-resistant walls that we’re eager to share with builders in these areas. Here’s why.

What is Ballistic Resistant Concrete?

Ballistic-resistant concrete is designed to prevent the destruction of vulnerable facilities like power plant substations, water treatment facilities, natural gas processing plants and oil refineries. Our Ballistic Resistant Design meets Level 10 UL 752 specifications, meaning it can withstand a .50 caliber bullet. It is also impenetrable to blasts or crashes, yet can still be manufactured to your custom specifications, size and need. Brick or basic masonry alone is not enough to stop a bullet for long. Multiple bullets fired in the same space will absolutely penetrate the brick. While fiberglass can provide a bit more security, it can still be penetrated by certain types of bullets or blasts from explosions.

Bullet Resistant Wall

How Does Ballistic Resistant Concrete Compare to Other Precast Concrete?

While all of our precast concrete is durable, affordable and customizable, our ballistic resistant design includes special ballistic barrier material added between the molds during the manufacturing process. This specialized bond enables the fence or wall to withstand blasts, crashes and gunfire that could deliberately or inadvertently damage the property within. It does all of this while still looking as good and staying as clean as any of our other precast concrete products. 

When Should You Consider Ballistic Resistant Concrete?

Our Ballistic Resistant Design is perfect for any project that requires an extra level of protection. Attacks on our most vulnerable facilities have become an issue lately, with gunmen firing through chain-link fences or tossing makeshift bombs into power squadrons or municipal utility plants in recent years. This is an effective way to disable an entire community quickly and should be protected. Safeguarding our communities’ power systems and utility installations is a top priority towards protecting our entire nation. When designing any facility like those mentioned in this piece, consider a barrier that will withstand severe damage. Your community will thank you.

While most residential and business communities are simply looking for an attractive, affordable way to maintain boundaries and security, there are certain situations in which the contents of a wall or fence could come under fire, with disastrous results. When creating a perimeter for these facilities in Tulsa or Texas, talk to the experts at Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls about upgrading your precast concrete to the next level of safety and security.