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Security Tips To Tighten Things Up at Your Commercial Property

Commercial property, whether it is a multi-office building, warehouse, or your own personal office, can be a target when it comes to theft and crime.  Having good security is a must.

Securing Your Commercial Property is Easy with These Tips

One of the things we do best at Permacast is Security.  Permacast Security fences are one of our top products, and provide protection as well as aesthetic.  Here are some tips we’ve learned when it comes to securing your commercial property.

Security Fencing

Some sort of physical barrier is a must, especially if you have a large property.  A security fence means that you can keep track of the property and who is on it.  Leaving the property open means that you have no control over who enters.  Even if everyone is welcome, having a fence means that you have a specific point of entry to monitor instead of trying to monitor every angle of the property.

Permacast precast walls are durable and strongly enforced.  This means that they not only stop people from walking or scaling the fence onto the property but can even withstand a forced entry (e.g. being rammed by a vehicle).

Regular Security Checks

Every commercial property should undergo regular security checks.   This just makes sure that you are staying on top of security and ensuring that your building and the people in it are safe.  Check entry points, make sure cameras are working, and undergo a perimeter sweep.

Schedule such security checks at regular intervals to ensure that everything is in working order.


The best way you can secure your property is prevention.  Prevention comes in many forms, but discouraging intruders with signage and barriers is one great way to increase security.  Make it obvious that the premises are monitored and protected.  Many security firms will have signage you can post showing that you are working together to keep the property safe.

Know Your Property

Awareness of who enters your building is a great way to keep things safe.   Hiring a receptionist for the entrance area is crucial.  This person should be the first point of contact for anyone entering the building.  If you have a larger property, you may even want a security desk outside as people drive onto the premises.  A visitor’s log can give history and discourage intruders.

A background check should also be part of the hiring or renting process, since your staff/tenants will be on the property regularly.


A CCTV system in strategic places like the entrance and parking areas is a great way to make sure your property is secure.  This can work in conjunction with a security guard, allowing for better monitoring of the property.

Don’t Overdo It

Think smart, not strict.  Be observant and secure, but don’t scare people away.  No one will want to come!  A fence can double as aesthetic, a security guard can be welcoming and friendly if properly trained, and cameras can be subtly placed.

Which security measures do you have on your property?  Let us know in the comments below!