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Serving Florida & Texas since 2006

Permacast is proud to offer our precast fencing and precast concrete wall products to contractors, developers, HOAs & architects looking to install precast walls in Florida and Texas.

Because of the unique climates of these two great states, the demand for structurally sound, durable, efficient and affordable structures is high. We have designed walls rated for all kinds of wind exposures, up to and including Exposure D (the highest rating!) which means we help protect flat areas where wind can easily blow over open water or land at great speeds. This is just one of the reasons Permacast stands head and shoulders above other Florida precast concrete wall suppliers and Texas precast fencing contractors.

We are also familiar with local permitting laws, so you can be assured your project will run as smooth and efficiently as possible from the time you contact us through the day the last wall panel is in place.

Today, with the help of our structural engineers, we create ever more beautiful and strong precast walls for developers, HOAs and architects. Some of our favorite installation locations include Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando in Florida, and Houston, Dallas and Midland, Texas. See our list of precast installation service locations here. But no matter where you are, rest assured Permacast is ready and willing to discuss your next fencing project with you today.