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Looking for some of the toughest man-made walls to reduce noise pollution and cut down on traffic and street sounds? Bring the utmost in sound wall technology to your community in Jacksonville with Permacast’s precast concrete walls. Our proprietary concrete manufacturing and assembly ensures your residents can come home to a quiet, comfortable community for years to come.

Our products include the Permawall 1.0 (columns spaced 10’ apart), Permawall 2.0 (columns are 20’ apart), the durable and affordable Permafence, and, for heavy-duty operations, our Ballistic Resistant Wall. Not only do all these variations help block sound, but they are also available in a variety of textures, finishes and colors to create the unique look you desire for your project.

Permacast is the expert in precast concrete wall installation in Jacksonville and surrounding cities, and we pride ourselves on working directly with HOAs, developers, architects, and public works departments to keep your project running on time and under budget. Our precast fencing and walls are far superior to what other Jacksonville precast concrete facilities can manufacture, as they are specially designed to reduce chipping and cracking, while still withstanding the high winds, sun, and driving rain Florida communities experience. And because Permacast is a local company, we have experience handling local permitting laws and balancing your specific needs with local regulations.

Want some inspiration? Browse our gallery of previous precast wall installation jobs. Or fill out the contact form below to let us know more about your Jacksonville precast concrete wall needs. We can’t wait to build the perfect wall for your project!