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Precast Concrete Walls for Midland Builders
Just like our walls, never settle.

Midland’s motto isn’t “Feel the Energy!” for nothing: Once simply a booming spot for oil and gas, today Midland, Texas is rapidly expanding into a city for all industries. That means it’s full speed ahead for contractors, HOAs and developers, and Permacast is proud to offer top-of-the-line precast concrete walls and fencing to Midland builders looking to protect their assets with the strength, durability and affordability of precast concrete.

Our mission is to combine the aesthetic qualities of wood, stone or stucco finishes with the toughness of concrete to create a product that’s simply unmatched by other Midland precast wall manufacturers. Our proprietary and carefully measured mixing, coloring and curing process makes that mission a reality. Permacast walls are made, delivered and installed faster – but that doesn’t mean they’re weak. On the contrary: Permacast precast concrete walls can withstand the toughest wind exposure requirements in the country, and they never settle, crack or shift. Just browse our gallery to see examples of how aesthetically pleasing these tough walls can be.

Contact us today to discuss the type of wall or fence that best suits your Midland precast concrete project. Whether you’re hoping to artfully enclose a brand new housing development or just need something that checks all the boxes for Midland’s newest public works project, count on Permacast to build the perfect wall for you.