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At Permacast, we know what it takes to be the number one precast concrete wall manufacturer in Orlando and surrounding areas. Our tough, durable, and affordable heavy-duty concrete walls deliver top quality noise reduction, weather resistance, and aesthetic qualities that are unmatched by other precast wall suppliers in Orlando. And not only do we build tough walls, but because we’re local Florida contractors, we are also familiar with town, city and state permitting laws and regulations. That means your project just got a little easier!

Trust Permacast to deliver a wall or fence specifically engineered for your project, whatever your needs may be – from securing your new Orlando housing development to protecting your public utility facility. Our products include the Permawall 1.0 (columns spaced 10’ apart), Permawall 2.0 (columns are 20’ apart), the lightweight, durable and affordable Permafence, and, for heavy-duty operations, our Ballistic Resistant Wall. Not only do all these variations help block sound, but they are also available in a variety of textures, finishes and colors to create the unique look you desire for your Orlando precast concrete wall or fence project.

Click the button below to contact us, or feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss your specific needs and requirements. We pride ourselves in always putting customer service first, and for us that means discussing your Orlando precast concrete fence needs day or night, whenever is convenient for you. We are also happy to work directly with architects and engineers and offer CAD drawings and plans for digital download, as well as engineering specs and shop drawings.