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The sweetheart of Florida’s Gulf Coast, Sarasota has a special place in our hearts since it is where we have decided to put down roots for our precast concrete wall & fencing business. At Permacast, we’re proud to be a local Sarasota precast contractor. Not only have we made a plethora of connections with local businesses, schools, housing developments and HOAs due to our work, but we continue to build our community — quite literally — from the ground up! If you’re looking for a local Sarasota, FL precast concrete fence installer, you’ll find no one better than Permacast.

Simply browse our gallery of completed precast structures built right here in Sarasota. Our convenient location enables us to craft our Permawall and Permafence products in house, deliver them to the job site, and assemble them quickly and efficiently so your project stays on track. And these walls aren’t just strong; they’re also beautiful, tough, durable, and will never settle or crack. On top of all this, we work directly with your engineers (and our own) to make sure your wall is built to spec and standard. As a local Sarasota precast installer, we’re familiar with local laws and regulations, especially those regarding wind exposure. We are in Florida, after all!

Click the button below to contact us about your next FL precast project in Sarasota. We are happy to discuss the details of your project and your timeline and make a recommendation for the Permacast product best suited for your specific needs.