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Withstanding everything Florida weather can throw at it.

Concrete walls may not be as exciting as Gasparilla, but like pirates, we believe that St. Pete is full of treasure valuable enough to warrant protection from the elements. That’s why Permacast is the number one maker and installer of precast concrete walls and fencing in St. Petersburg, FL. Every wall we build reflects the Permacast brand name, and we aim for the highest standard of precast concrete masonry for our St. Petersburg developers, HOAs, architects, engineers and public works projects.

Because we are a local Florida precast manufacturer, there’s no shortage of past projects for you to peruse. Take a look at our gallery or simply drive up to one of the walls we’ve installed for other St. Petersburg precast customers. We measure, mix, pour, set, and cure concrete at our own FL facility, and then drive the finished product to your job site wherever it may be. This ensures that your precast wall is not only free from cosmetic defects but is also free of imperfections that would cause structural issues – and that enables us to build you a wall free from cracking, chipping, settling, or shifting. Just the kind of wall you deserve.

Have you ever met a contractor as concerned with your project as you are? At Permacast, we make sure our St. Petersburg precast concrete walls and fences are not only up to spec, but also beautiful, reliable, and perfectly aligned with your specific needs. Contact us using the button below and we will happily give you recommendations for the Permawall or Permafence product right for you.