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Precast Concrete Walls in Texas

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Expert Texas Precast Wall Installation
No cracking. No crumbling. No worries.

Extreme heat, extreme flooding, and extreme sound are typical of Texas. That’s why we designed our proprietary precast concrete walls and fencing to be able to take whatever the Texas landscape slings at it. No problem.

Permacast precast walls and fencing are strengthened with structural fiber to reduce chips and breaks, and our mixed concrete is computer calculated to produce strong, consistent precast concrete every time we create a new section of your fence or wall. We build all of our own molds and have refined the process for utmost efficiency. What does that mean? Our well-oiled machine results in a faster and smoother project for you, from beginning to end. That puts us head and shoulders above any other Texas precast concrete manufacturer or supplier, whether in Houston, Dallas, Midland, Fort Worth or beyond.

Whether you’re a builder looking for a soundproof wall for your new housing development, or you’re part of an HOA searching for the right fencing to line the landscaping, leave it to Permacast to build you the best precast wall in Texas. We’re no stranger to local permitting requirements and laws. We’re also happy to work with public utilities, ranches, and other large-scale projects that require precast concrete fencing in Texas. A variety of colors and textures are available for your selection. Give us a call or click the contact button below to get in touch. We can’t wait to hear about how we can help with your next project.