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Do you Need a Permacast Fence?

By now, you are probably aware of the amazing benefits of having a Permacast fence.  It probably has intrigued you to the point where you are considering installing one of your own.  The cost of a concrete wall can be a significant initial expense.  Before you begin installation, ask yourself these questions to determine if you need a Permacast fence.

Should You Incur the Cost of a Concrete Wall?

How Much Fencing Do You Need?

Are you simply looking for a strong fence to protect your property?  If you are looking for less than 500 linear feet of fencing, Permacast fencing may not be financially competitive for you.  Where Permacast can easily compete with other products in cost is for larger projects.  Be sure to get a complete quote and accurately determine your need.

Are you Looking for High Security?

Permacast fencing is unmatched when it comes to protecting your property.  If you are installing fencing for security reasons, you may need a Permacast fence.  Security benefits include durability and strength.  They are available in six foot, eight foot, and custom heights.  

Do you Expect your Property to be Around for a While?

Permacast fencing is pretty much permanent.  If you expect your property to be temporary, or predict it will be replaced someday, Permacast may not be for you.  If you believe your property will be around for a century, you can count on Permacast fencing to stick around with it.  This makes the cost of a concrete wall from Permacast significantly less when the longevity and lack of maintenance is considered.

Do you Love Great Design and Variety?

Permacast has a wide variety of finishes to compliment any property.  Their stone finishes are moulded from true cut stone, giving them the authenticity and beauty of true solid stone.  The brick finishes are made similarly, with incredible attention to detail.  If a solid or stucco finish is your choice, the classic and clean style can be painted to match or enhance your property to perfection.  If you love great design, Permacast is the option for you.

Does Your Area Experience Extreme Weather?

Permacast walls are weather resistant.  They can withstand high winds, torrential rains, and extreme heat or sunlight.  If you live in a mild climate, these attributes won’t matter as much to you.  If you live in an area that is prone to extreme conditions or storms, this will be a huge benefit for you.

Permacast walls and fencing have many great qualities.  Further assess your need for this product by speaking to one of our installation experts.  You may be surprised at all of the information you find!