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Sounding Off On Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete walls sound great because they sound like nothing at all. Let us explain.

Our walls are often used as highway or development sound barriers, noise walls that muffle and redirect environmental sound. Call them acoustic, sound or noise barriers, but they all do the same thing: reduce whatever sounds they’re up against, whether that’s a busy road, a construction site or a city block. The basic science is this: the precast concrete is designed in such a way as to block the transmission of sound waves. In some cases, that sound is deflected away. In others, noise is moved upwards or downwards, and in still others, that sound is absorbed.

Permacast has been providing various developers in Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida with sound walls for awhile now, and they’ve been put to a variety of purposes. Our PermaWalls have been cutting the noise around highways, industrial facilities and housing developments. Made of 5,000 psi concrete and scaled to both 6 and 8 feet (also available in custom heights), our walls perform as sturdy, uniform structures the way you’d expect but offer the additional sound barrier, too. Not only do they protect and delineate property lines and provide an attractive accent to landscaping, but they provide an added layer of comfort to residents as well. And when music halls are being constructed out of precast concrete, you know it’s a master at