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Spotlight on Charlotte, NC

In beautiful, idyllic cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, it often seems like there’s not much improvement needed. Gorgeous scenic neighborhoods, perfectly mild weather and thriving industries and business make this the best place to live for many Americans. So when Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls began expanding our business from Florida and Texas all the way to North Carolina, we didn’t look for ways to improve the area- just ways our services and products could enhance what’s already amazing about Charlotte. 

Growing Population and Industry

As Charlotte becomes a popular spot for young families, professionals, and students, the growth this area has seen is evidence of the comfort and affordability locals enjoy. More affordable than larger cities like New York, more temperate than hotter southern states like Florida and Georgia, and easier to get around than metropolises like Chicago, Charlotte offers a plethora of activities, diversions, attractions, and businesses to keep everyone satisfied. As more businesses like Bank of America and Wachovia, US Airways, and universities like the University of North Carolina, plus professional sports teams like the Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Hornets, make their home in Charlotte, the population will continue to grow and thrive. 

Charlotte NC

Safety, Style, and Customizable Design

It’s easy to see why Permacast intends to be part of this growing community! With our ability to provide safety and security for residents and businesses, Permacast is excited to be part of such a lively community. Our precast concrete fences and walls are the epitome of security, with their enduring resistance to weather, aging, rot and mold. Our styles and colors can be customized to complement particular housing developments, business parks and other specific areas. With designs that can be customized, our precast concrete walls and fences are versatile enough to fit any look. 

Moving Into the Future

As Charlotte continues to grow, Permacast is eager to be part of the landscape of Charlotte’s future. We’re eager to bring our brand and name to the area and include our quality products in building projects across the city. From universities to businesses, residential communities to business parks, we see ourselves on the horizon of Charlotte’s burgeoning future. Be on the lookout throughout Charlotte for products made by Permacast– we’re the ones with the solidly built, aesthetically-pleasing precast concrete fences and walls.

Watch for Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls throughout the residential and business communities in the Charlotte area. We’re excited to be here and looking forward to adding our mark to the up and coming growth everyone here is experiencing. For more details about what services and products we provide, talk to the experts at Permacast. We’re happy to explain our process, showcase our products and hear all about your next Charlotte-based project.