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Spotlight on PermaWall 1.0


This is the wall that put us on the precast concrete map.

The very definition of solid and sturdy, the 1.0 is an excellent example of what precast concrete can do. In fact, the attributes are so long we’ve put them in a handy list:

  1. Yeah, this is concrete we’re talking about but guess what? It’s flexible. We can pour casts to any scale, ensuring that we can build to your size needs or specifications. We know that there can be some pretty intractable restrictions in place at a given site; PermWall 1.0 gets around this problem by working to whatever height or security requirements are in place.
  2. This is one impermeable wall, especially when it comes to sound. The 1.0 is a high performer when it comes to providing sound barrier to traffic and other environmental noise.
  3. It’s not one size fits all. As already mentioned, scale is a dynamic thing when it comes to the 1.0. But this wall also plays well with others in that it’s designed to slide into other PermaWalls and fencing. You can create a structure that is personalized to your project or site.
  4. There’s nothing better than a wall as the first line of defense. When it comes to security, our walls protect your community, public works site, school, office or park. The 1.0 not only delineates a property line, it secures it.
  5. The 1.0 comes in three different textures, all of them offered with an eye to making your wall as visually pleasing as possible.
  6. Care about the environment? So do we. PermaWall 1.0 only gets stronger with time, making it its own kind of renewable resource. And the system by which we create precast concrete is not only an efficient one, but it conserves what is not used in one project to be used later in another.

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