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Stucco Fences by Permacast

PermaSand Stucco Fences are Permacast’s most popular precast concrete walls available. Unlike many other stucco fences that are created from a steel form finish, PermaSand delivers a less utilitarian appearance even to the most discerning of customers. In addition, Permacast’s stucco fences do not show every imperfection like the extremely smooth walls created from a sheet of steel. With different column and cap options available, the PermaSand stucco texture easily conveys everything between a simple and modern facade to rich, classic design. 

Stucco Fences with less production steps = lower costs

Created from concrete poured into liners clad with a sand stucco finish, these monolithic precast concrete fences do not require any additional application of stucco. Because the PermaSand fences are made from solid concrete, there is no risk of moisture seeping into the wall, separating the stucco from the structure. PermaSand stucco fences are little-to-no-maintenance, keeping costs low over time. Permacast stucco fences leave little comparison to any fencing with stucco applied after production. Contact us today to for an estimate.