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Landscaping Tips for Your Commercial Property

When you’re designing the aesthetic of your commercial property, there are a lot of factors to consider.  While you may be focusing on the nuts and bolts, and interior design, the exterior of your building is just as important.  This is the first impression visitors receive of your company.  The right landscaping can elevate your property and showcase your commercial building in a way that represents your brand.

Stucco Fences, Custom Parking Lots, and the Right Florals Step Up Your Commercial Landscaping

Functional Design

The first thing to consider are necessary aspects and how to incorporate them into an overall design pattern.  Your parking space, for instance, should be practical and located conveniently near the entrance.  Creating an interesting shape for a more appealing aerial view is taking your landscaping to the next level.  Choose a material for your parking lot that is easy to maintain and visually pleasing.

Another functional aspect of your property is the land itself.  You want to make sure that there is nothing about the layout of your land that can cause harm to your building.  Proper drainage is a concern, and there are companies that will make ground drainage nearly invisible.  You can also order custom gutters that are artistic and beautiful.  Another great way to keep your land in check is to install retaining walls.  Retaining walls come in all colors and materials, and can add prestige to your property.

Floral Design

People like to see floral design and greenery.  This can dress up your property quickly.  What you choose will depend on what flourishes in your area.  It’s best to choose low maintenance plants that look great and bloom as long as possible throughout the year.  Throw in a couple of seasonal personal choices to personalize the area, and you will have a beautiful and unique landscape that gives a great first impression.


Security doesn’t have to be plain.  Start with an attractive concrete fence from Permacast.  These come in a variety of finishes, including brick, stone, and stucco fences.  You can choose the look that works best with the image you want to portray.  Stucco fences are perfect for a southwestern, Mediterranean, or modern aesthetic!  If you are looking for a gated entrance, choose something that adds to the aesthetic of the property.
With these design tips, your commercial property will be the envy of the area.  Make sure you make a great first impression by adding to and enhancing the landscaping of your commercial property.


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