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Reverse Storm Surge

Surviving a hurricane or two can definitely make anyone feel like a storm expert. After storm prepping, stockpiling food, water, gas and batteries, and hunkering down during the worst of the high winds and pounding rain, most residents feel empowered to face the next hurricane season with a certain level of expertise. This is because, even though hurricanes are big, powerful storms, they’re also predictable and can be anticipated. But what do Florida and Texas residents do when even the predictable storms act, well, unpredictably? Permacast Precast Concrete points to the unusual phenomenon that occurred in Florida in 2017 as an example of even predictable weather sometimes surprising us. During Hurricane Irma, the superstorm that swept Florida and sent thousands evacuating in the middle of the night, Tampa Bay experienced a reverse storm surge that intrigued locals and baffled scientists.