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The Difference Between Precast Concrete Walls and Fences

If you’re considering precast concrete as your material of choice for your next construction project, you may have some questions. For instance, how do you decide if you need a precast concrete fence, or if a precast concrete wall might be the better choice? Here, the experts at Permacast Precast Concrete Fences & Walls outline the differences between the two. Plus, we offer some advice about which style might fit your needs best. After all, even in the world of precast concrete, not all projects are the same and different designs require different products. Fortunately, we’re here to provide everything you need. 

Precast Fences vs. Precast Walls

So what exactly is the difference between a precast concrete fence and a precast concrete wall? Well, the short answer is width. Precast concrete walls are thicker than precast concrete fences, making them ideal for enclosing larger areas, like residential communities, schools, churches, or municipal utility facilities. Meanwhile, precast concrete fences tend to be slightly more flexible, allowing them to create a boundary for individual houses or a stylish surrounding to an apartment or condominium complex. But within these loose definitions, there are plenty of reasons to consider one over the other, depending on what you hope to achieve with your next project. 

Why Choose a Precast Concrete Fence?

A precast concrete fence is a great option when you’re looking for flexibility, durability and affordability. The Permcast Permafence is a fantastic option when you would otherwise choose a wooden, chainlink, or vinyl fencing option. Our Permafence is excellent for surrounding and securing perimeters that need definition. As our smallest and lightest product, it can still withstand harsh weather, high winds (up to 250mph), and rot, warp, or fading. Plus our many styles can offer a customized look, with finishes like brick or stone, that will suit your project perfectly.


Why Choose a Precast Concrete Wall?

However, if you’re interested in a perimeter that will block sound, stand tall and be ready in a matter of weeks, one of our precast PermaWalls might be the option for you. Our precast PermaWalls can be built to your specifications, including municipal height specifications and any security requirements. Because our precast concrete walls are thicker and taller than our precast concrete fences, they provide excellent protection from sound and light pollution. Our Precast Concrete PermaWalls surround churches, schools, housing developments, and mobile home parks. Plus, these walls become more solid over time, making them stronger the longer they’re standing. 

No matter what your next project requires, trust that Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls has the products to make your design last longer for less. The durability and longevity of these products are simply unparalleled. Choose the right precast concrete fence or wall to suit every single one of your upcoming construction projects, and stop worrying about what the future holds for your design. It will be there, intact and stronger than ever, every time.