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The Permacast Collection

Once you’ve made the choice to switch to precast concrete for your next construction project, the next step is choosing a stellar company with a flawless reputation. That’s where Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls comes in. Not only do we have top-notch quality products that last, we also customize any product to fit your project’s exact specifications. When choosing the fences or walls around your next housing development, school, utility structure or any other building project, check out our selections of walls and fences first. We feel confident you’ll find something that’s perfect for your next project… and the one after that, too!




When it comes to fencing, there’s Permafence then there’s everything else. PermaFence is everything you’ve ever wanted in a fence, plus a few things you never knew you needed. Flexible, hardy, and attractive, PermaFence doesn’t quit. This enduring product is designed to withstand all kinds of weather, including winds of up to 250 mph. While traditional fences will eventually rot or warp, PermaFence will remain as strong as the day it was installed. It doesn’t even fade from prolonged sun exposure!

Permacast precast concrete fence - Permafence 6


PermaWall 1.0

The original Permacast product, PermaWall 1.0 is the basis for our amazing products and still stands strong after all this time. Not only do these amazing precast concrete walls surround housing developments, schools, churches, and public utility facilities all over, they also work interchangeably with other Permacast products. This means you can totally customize your project by choosing a combination of Permafences and PermaWalls to create the safety and security your clients crave. Plus, our cement only gets stronger over time, so using PermaWall 1.0 is a true investment in your property. 

beige, sand-colored Permacast Precast Concrete Fence


PermaWall 2.0

Truly an improvement on our original PermaWall, this version of our product redefines durability and efficiency. Whether you’re seeking to meet height restrictions or requirements, looking to reduce noise pollution, or simply want a beautiful surrounding to your community, PermaWall 2.0 is your go-to product. Like all of our products, PermaWall 2.0 will slide into any of our other products, allowing you to customize your specific look and meet all project requirements. Plus, the long-lasting quality of PermaWall 2.0 means it won’t wear down, won’t fade and won’t fall apart. It will, however, keep things safe, quiet and beautiful in your community. 

Permacast 2


Ballistic Resistant Walls

For your most secure projects, our Ballistic Resistant Walls will become your favorite product. While a chain link fence might be fine for defining a space, it cannot stop a bullet or other potential attack. You’ll want to use something more secure to protect the most vulnerable of facilities, like power plant substations, water treatment facilities, natural gas processing plants and oil refineries. Our Ballistic Resistant Walls are designed to take a bullet for you so these important facilities remain protected, meeting level 10 UL 752 requirements, they can withstand a .50 caliber bullet and pass all Global Ballistic Standards. Plus, this particular product can resist blasts and crashes, as well, meaning nothing’s getting through to harm what’s inside. Surround your community’s most important facilities with a Ballistic Resistant Wall from Permacast and let everyone know how much you value your resources. 

Whatever type of community or facility you’re planning to surround, Permacast Precast Fencing & Walls has a product that’s right for you. From flexible and weather-proof to enduring and efficient, our products will redefine the way you define your space. Talk to one of our experts or come to a Lunch & Learn to find out more about which Permacast products will be best for your next building project.