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The Sound Of Silence

Hear that? No, we didn’t think so. In fact, here at Permacast, we’re counting on the fact that you don’t. One of the most important features of our products is that they buffer sound, so we construct our walls in such a way that they do just that. Acoustics are a big deal when it comes to where people live and work; a community that backs up on a highway, for instance, will definitely want to mitigate that roadway noise. If you’re at work and a construction scene pops up next door, promising months of site noise, your office or company will want to block it out as much as possible. In many ways, silence is golden, especially when it comes to where we make our homes and spend our days.

We design our walls as sound barriers so that they can not only muffle but also redirect sound. Our products are equipped to deal with all kinds of noises, from those that float over from the interstate to those that emanate from a construction site. That’s because our walls are made to block sound waves, deflecting whatever comes at them either upwards or downwards. Many are designed to absorb sound, too. On the whole, our precast walls reduce environmental noise by as much as half, and work beautifully with other structures or landscaping features to reduce it even further.

Precast concrete walls and fences are an exceptional way to ensure that you are doing all that you can to protect your community or workplace from unwanted noise or unexpected noise pollution. Think of adding them as a way to create more peace for you and yours, reinforcing the idea of a safe, nurturing community and even an escape. Many of us think of our homes as our personal sanctuaries; our neighborhoods can be treated that way, too.