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Best Gated Communities for Families in Florida

Raising a family means you want to make the best life possible for them.  Gated communities oftentimes make this possible because they provide a specific community based on the lives of the people they are trying to attract.  If you have a family, here are some of the best gated communities for families in Florida.

These Gated Communities Are Good Places to Move Your Family

Madison Park, Naples

Madison Park in Naples is a great place to live if you have a family.  It overlooks the lakes, and most properties have a private pool.  The community has a small-town atmosphere, meaning that you get to know your neighbors and surroundings.  There’s plenty to do as a family, including a community pool, picnic areas, bike path and rollerblade path.  This is a perfect place to live with your family!

University Place, University Park

This is a community for all ages, but the amenities and kid-friendly swimming areas make this a perfect family choice.  Its location is ideal for easy access to shopping and excellent schools.  The nature trails, swimming areas, and recreation centers allow you and your family to become integrated easily into the community while enjoying the amenities.  The property is always buzzing with neighborhood activity, and the community is a great place to raise your family in an active lifestyle.

The Brooks, Bonita Springs

The Brooks has four different neighborhoods, and therefore has something for everyone!  Lighthouse Bay at The Brooks is the non-golf neighborhood and a great place to bring your family to live.  With exceptional amenities, you’ll be living a life of luxury, while still having access to a number of outdoor and community activities.

Grandezza, Estero

Combine your love of golf and luxury with all the family activities a gated property can offer at Grandezza.  This property has something for everyone!  With a beautiful on-site golf course and a beautiful clubhouse, you’ll feel like you’re at the best of country clubs.  Then, bring the kids to the Olympic sized swimming pool or tennis courts for some family fun!  Best of all, the property is conveniently located and not too far from the airport- so you can have relatives visiting as much as you like!

With all of these gated communities, you’re offering your family a unique living experience and the security of concrete fencing to protect their safety.  What do you look for in a gated community?  Let us know in the comments section!


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