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Tips for Cleaning Precast Concrete Fences

If you’ve invested in Precast Concrete fencing, you don’t need to do much to maintain your investment.  However, you may want to clean the fence once in a while to keep it looking brand new.  If you’re looking for tips to clean your precast concrete fence, here are some pro methods to try.

Cleaning Precast Concrete Fences

Here are the different options that work best when cleaning precast concrete.

Pressure Washing

A pressure wash can do wonders for your precast concrete.  It can help with stains, dirt, grass and dust.  Because of the durable nature of precast concrete, you don’t need to worry about doing any damage.

Hand Washing

If you don’t own a pressure washer, or if you have a specific area you feel needs your personalized attention, a simple hand-wash will do wonders.  Detergent and water makes a perfect mixture when washing concrete.  It’s readily available and effective!

There are also some commercial products you can use.  You want to choose something gentle and do not hand-wash unsealed surfaces.  You could wind up grinding the dirt in!

Look for pH neutral products, alkaline cleaners, or bacterial cleaners.  If you are trying to remove pet urine the bacterial cleaners are ideal.


You should almost never need to do this, but if you do you need to think about consulting a company that is familiar with precast concrete, to ensure that you are not doing damage to the sealant.

You will most likely only use this method for extreme circumstances, like paint spills or graffiti. If it is a paint spill concerning you, place cloths on top of the paint to soak it.  Then, scrub the area with a powder based cleaner and water until the area is clear.  Tar and paint stains can be a major issue if there is work around the fence.

Hand Scraping

The most tedious method, of course, is hand scraping.  This is typically only necessary if you spill tar.  If the tar is hot, use ice to cool it.  Then, chisel or scrape the tar off of the concrete.

When finished, scrub the surface to remove the debris, and rinse with water.

With these cleaning methods, you will get the most out of your precast concrete and keep it looking brand new.