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How to Liven Up Your Gated Community This Holiday Season

What most people love about the Holiday Season is the sense of community that everyone seems to have. People are more giving — volunteering in soup kitchens and handing out donations. Families reunite after a busy year to catch up, with kids from all over the country coming home and honoring lifelong Christmas traditions. Even co-workers indulge in office parties and gift giving.

Treat Your Gated Community Like Family This Holiday Season

It’s truly a wonderful time — a great way to cap the year. You can also bring these festivities to your neighborhood. It’s a great way to bond with people you live close to, parents you see every day and kids your child goes to school with. You never know, maybe more friendships will come out if it.

Here are some great ways to liven up your gated community and share the holiday spirit with all your neighbors.

Organize a Party

What better way to catch up with your neighbors than through a party. The community can ask for volunteers on who wants to host, and the rest can vote in case there are a few choices. You can also opt to do it on the street or different location. Have a potluck or get it catered. It’s entirely up to the community. The important thing is everyone shares a meal, wine, and stories together.

Do a Secret Santa

This always a hit during office parties. Why not try it in your gated community too? That way neighbors are encouraged to ask about the favorites of whoever they picked. It’s a great icebreaker and an even better way to start friendships.

Decorate for the Holiday

Inviting the homeowners to decorate them home and collectively doing so is a great way to bond the entire community. How comforting and wonderful is it to come home to rows upon rows of beautifully decorated homes?  Your community can even make a competition out of it to encourage people to be creative with their decorations.

Donate to a Cause

Coming up and raising money for a cause your community all believe in is a great way to foster the Holiday spirit. The homeowners can come up with fundraising events like a bake sale or everyone can decide to volunteer at the local community center at the same night.

Not only is everyone in the group bonding, it’s also for a good cause — which is really what the holiday season should be about.

What’s your favorite bonding activity for the holiday season?  Let us know in the comments below!