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What Type of Fence Should You Install on Your Property?

There are a lot of reasons to build up a fence on your home or property—whether it’s as a deterrent for trespassers, to have your dogs stay within the area or protect your property.

Types of Fencing You Can Install to Protect Your Property

Before figuring out what type of fence should you install on your property, consider determining how would you want to build your fence. Some factors include removing parts from an existing fence. Somehow, doing it yourself is affordable. You’ll be needing help from an expert if it gets complicated.

Make sure you have the right to install any fence. You might as well check with a land surveyor to know the exact boundaries of your property. If your fence interferes with your neighbor’s property, you’ll have to deal with an agreement with them and have them to sign papers for evidence.

Consider your local City Hall whether you’ll need a permit to install a fence.  Some municipalities offer a price under $1000.

Variety Of Materials

Vinyl. Vinyl fencing is one of the most recommended when it comes to fence due to the advantage of never having to repaint. Vinyl has a variety of colors to choose from. It’s easy to clean and can be washed away using only a sponge. It may cost more than a wood fencing, but it gets cheaper over time. There are also disadvantages including its plastic appearance (everyone is not a fan), and the damage that can occur. And most of all, it’s environmentally unfriendly as toxins can occur.

An engineered wood product, composite fencing. Composite fencing is manufactured with its colors and textures that simulates wood more effectively than vinyl. Unlike vinyl, composite fencing is considered environmentally friendly, and 95% of its materials can be recycled, though it cannot be recycled easily. One of its disadvantages is that it has fewer styles available than vinyl or wood. It’s susceptible to fading, staining, and scratching as well.

Ornamental metal. This has the combination of the best qualities of other materials that includes a wide variety of styles, low-maintenance, and high durability. Even if rust appears, it can be easily brushed off. Metal fences can be recycled through repair work can be tricky. Nevertheless, these fences are highly resistant to any damage.

Permacast Precast Concrete.  Precast concrete is a durable and attractive fence option.  It can endure up to 100 years and beyond, despite even the most extreme weather conditions.  This is the ideal fencing option as it is strong and easy to clean.

Have you picked your favorite type of fence yet? Let us know in the comments below!