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What’s In A Pillar?

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Obviously, our pillars need to be tough. Like our fences and walls themselves, they have to stand up to the elements and provide a level of security that goes beyond your typical fencing. So how do we achieve that?

The concrete pillars are the literal background of the overall structure we install for you. It’s their job to bring the wall panels together, reinforcing the overall design. They’re also a key component of the way the wall looks, and often the largest architectural feature a wall product has to offer (nothing against you, textures and colors!). Our pillars are poured into molds, built from the same materials as the panels themselves. They are then treated to have a matching patina for a unified appeal.

But pillars and columns are also key structural elements that use compression to transfer and manage weight and stress. Embedded columns, like the ones you see in our walls and fencing, are both decorative and there to help distribute and maintain the weight of the wall itself. They can’t protrude too much from the wall line, but on the other hand, their scale is designed to offer some support. The top of the pillar (called a “capital”) is decorative, and you’ll note that there are some differences in appearance with ours. The variety we offer lets you further customize the look of your wall.