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Why a Security Wall Is More Than Just a Wall

If the idea of building a security wall around your most vulnerable, sensitive and valuable structures makes you think of an iron-clad fortress from a superhero movie, you definitely understand the need for impenetrable strength. However, the reality of this type of security is typically unrealistic. It’s expensive, impractical and often horribly un-aesthetic. Fortunately, the experts at Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing and Walls understand the need for stronger, more stable security walls that are still cost-effective. We’ve answered the call with our fantastic products and are eager to share our knowledge and insights with you. 


Our PermaFences and PermaWalls are built from materials that don’t stop. You’ll find any of our products are well qualified to endure the test of time. Since we can measure our aggregates and other base materials accurately before the mixing process begins in our factory, you know we’re including specific doses of strengthening materials. Also, our drying and hardening process is well-monitored, which means each slab of concrete created in our factory dries evenly, solidly and will actually get stronger over time. Air bubbles and other small pockets are all but eliminated, so cracking and chipping rarely happens, if ever. But most effective for security purposes are our ballistic-resistant walls, created to withstand penetration by bullets, car crashes and any other other-wise destructive possibilities. In short, Permacast products have the perfect design for providing top security perimeters for your most vulnerable structures.


So which structures would qualify as vulnerable and in need of extra measures of security? Our PermaFences and PermaWalls surround everything from local utilities, power squadrons, and other infrastructure substations to schools, churches and government buildings. Oil refineries, water and waste management plants, and power plants are essential in keeping communities running. They are valuable assets to the day-to-day operations of a town or city and should never be left open to attack, either accidental or deliberate. 


While the cost of many security and defense-oriented products can be astronomical, Permacast products remain reasonable and cost-effective. Couple the initial low cost for precast concrete with the money saved in waste-reduction, timely installation and long-term sustainability, choosing Permacast Precast Concrete for your security perimeters clearly becomes a great investment. Furthermore, our products are built to last, saving you money down the road with fewer repairs and replacements. 

When it comes to protecting your most valuable, vulnerable resources and assets, Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls is the only clear choice. With provisions for various types of customized designs, a sound history of serving local communities and cost-saving benefits that any customer will love, we encourage you to check out our products and consider this option as the only one strong enough to meet all of your needs. Talk to us about your next project and let us show you what Permacast can do for you.