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Concrete stone fencing: Introducing PermaFence

Attention developers and HOA board members: Are you looking for a durable yet affordable alternative to vinyl or wood fencing? Permacast is proud to introduce its newest line of innovative precast technology: PermaFence. PermaFence reflects the durability and longevity of a Permacast concrete wall while perfectly positioning itself in the market of vinyl and wood fencing.

PermaFence: The durable answer to deteriorating vinyl and wood fencing.

With little protection because of its material composition, vinyl and wood fencing fall prey to nature’s common elements. Strong winds, deteriorating moisture, and the sun’s penetrating rays warp, rot, and destroy vinyl and wood fencing. It is hard to achieve even a 10 year service life from these products. Vinyl panels and planks in wood fencing may frequently need to be replaced, requiring costly maintenance.

PermaFence is durable, reliable, and will not fall victim to mother nature’s harshest elements. Made from 5,000 psi concrete reinforced with structural fiber, PermaFence can easily achieve a 100 year service life. Because PermaFence is made from concrete, it will not fade, warp, or rot away. Strong winds, deteriorating moisture, and the sun’s penetrating rays will not effect PermaFence. PermaFence’s panels have been tested to easily withstand up to 250 mph of continuous winds. Because its concrete, PermaFence will help provide protection for your community from hurricane force winds.

Created from molds poured from stone itself, PermaFence’s attractive design mirrors the aesthetic qualities of stone fencing. Because PermaFence is created from colored concrete, no painting is required (although it can be painted if desired). There is virtually no maintenance required when using the PermaFence system.

Permacast is excited to offer this new and innovative product. For more information call us at 888-977-9255.